1. Spring in Cleveland

    National Poetry Month: Day 3 poem.

    [Spring in Cleveland]

    Sunlight spilled onto her legs
    that had just been wrapped around me.  
    Shoes kicked off 
    and on our eyes met. 
    left its kiss.
    we drank red wine out of plastic cups.  

  2. eyes like diamonds

    National Poetry Month day 2. REALLY rough.

    [eyes like diamonds]

    it was the line i’d use  before i took the plunge.
    made a fool  of myself  and asked    you
    to go steady. the hours washed away as I crafted
    it in my room. the cure whispering to me in
    the dark.  but I met your sister first   and
    she gave me my first drink. so    drunk  on wine coolers
    i shared my plans. and the line. put my heart in her sticky hands   
    she    laughed   sipped.   laughed  and said
    at most that will get you a hand job. and
    would i like one. i blushed   because i liked you
    had given me many in my dreams.  i told her this.   silly
    and before i could say anything  she unzipped me.


  3. letter to my future child

    let’s see how long writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month lasts this time.

    [letter to my future child] 
    it’d started
    there is sun
    and then there Is Sun
    and only those who really know 
    the difference
    will ever know the difference
    whether it be the errant rays of warmth on your face
    or the fiery licks and explosions of destiny
    but when I returned from turning up the AC
    none of this made sense
    and who wants a frightened little child?

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    Stop pretending to write and pet me. (at Mos Eisley Space Port)

    Stop pretending to write and pet me. (at Mos Eisley Space Port)

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    I have books to give away—duplicates, titles I can’t find the time to read, etcetera. Some of these are galleys and may be lightly worn.

    If you want a book, e-mail (roxane at roxanegay.com) me the title AND your mailing address. Seriously, do send your address the first time. US Residents only….

    Rad sauce.

  6. we yelled at him that since he was named after john the baptist he had to wear a shirt made of hair and started to shave his head till we saw the birthmark shaped like a cross

  7. me (at reading): so this one is from a wrestling themed poetry book I’m working on.

    audience: …..
    audeince ………
    audience ……..???

    Should have put them all in the camel clutch.

  8. "pork sandwich” she said
    this was after i pulled her hair
    but before we had loud sex
    behind the garbage cans
    while our landlady yelled
    about cats or kids with cornrows
    there was a pickle in her hair
    later of course. my hand got stuck
    "sorry about the black eye" i said
    "pork sandwich" she said again
    "pork sandwich" i agreed.

  9. 3 a.m.

    [3 a.m.]

    I want to dance in the moonlight
    she says.
    But somewhere along the way i’ve lost
    my shoes.
    Look at the stars she says
    louder now.
    What about the neighbors?
    The clouds?
    The poor?
    And cops?
    That scabby stray dog that
    followed us.
    This is how god would talk to us,
    but that weed went to my head
    let’s sit.
    Also I only see
    one star.

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